We are a family of photographers who have lived all over the country with a shared passion for travel, nature and wildlife.  Our fine-art prints combine our unique viewpoints and styles to bring together dramatic and artistic representations of the places we love and visit around the world.

Laura Roberts
Specialties: Wildlife, Nature and Macro Photography

Laura has been preparing her whole life to become a photographer, she just did not know it. Long road trips to explore the wild places of the United States were normal in her family. They drove cross-country and back before she was even in kindergarten and she had been to more than half of the states before high school was over. All of these trips inspired in Laura a love of nature and the things that live there. A family trait was bringing a camera along and eventually her father gave her one of his cameras to use. This was probably to stop her from running off with his. She has had a camera of some type ever since.

In college, Laura found herself in Colorado, whose National Parks could inspire anyone to becoming a photographer. While she was there, she furthered her love of nature by picking up a degree in Wildlife Biology and first met Jason. Suddenly, there was a whole lot more family and photographers in her life. Their honeymoon was the inspiration for the purchase of her first digital camera.

From Colorado, the two them moved around the whole country and Laura introduced Jason to the wonder that is road trips. They managed two cross-country moves that were barely disguised photography road trips. Somewhere in there, she managed to organize giving Jason the family’s first DSLR. Little did she know how that would change things. Only a year later, and a lot like before, Jason had to get her a DSLR of her own to keep custody of his own.

Now with Jason and Saundra there to help her learn, Laura has left behind a hobby and found a passion. She has found a way to show others all the wonderful things she has seen on her travels and express her love for the things in nature. Recently, she has discovered macro photography and a whole new tiny world to explore.

Jason Roberts
Specialties:  Landscape and Nature Photography

In his early teens, Jason learned the art of film photography and darkroom techniques at the side of his mother, Saundra.  He won several competitions with his yearbook photography, at local fairs, and from his personal projects developed in the home darkroom.  In college, film was expensive and space for a darkroom was not easy to find, so Jason went on to pursue his other passion in computers and technology but never lost the need for a creative outlet.  This led him to a career as a computer game designer where he found himself helping to craft worlds and scenes instead of photographing them, yet throughout this time digital photography was growing and taking hold.  After being gifted a Canon DSLR from both Laura and Saundra one Christmas, Jason made the switch from film to digital and it re-ignited an obsession with photography by combining it with his skill in design, computers, and technology.

The cross-country road trips and excursions to the sanctuaries and parks that he and Laura frequented suddenly took on new meaning with a digital camera in hand.  There was an opportunity to share these inspiring scenes and experiences with friends, family, and eventually everyone on the internet.  Everything is in constant change in nature and perfect moments happen all the time, but being able to be in the right place at the right time to capture one of these moments with an added layer of emotion is to Jason, the essence of photography.  His style blends emotion with an idealized reality to express a fleeting moment of experience.

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